TOC Ltd is a Prime contractor to the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) since 1970 manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of products.

MODOur range of products include:

Defence Field Furniture
Catering Equipment
Field Kitchens
Tentage & Shelters
Insulated Food container
Camouflage Equipment
NBC Shelters
24-48 Hour ration packs
Air Cargo containers
Cases Tool boxes
Diesel Burner stoves
Full Catering Systems
Mobile vehicle docking units
Ammunition containers

The company maintains Prime contracting, Sub-contracting, manufacturing, supply and sourcing solutions; stock holding from complete production through to sub-assemblies. Our experience and knowledge gears the company for manufacture of rugged, high quality products for the UK Ministry of Defence and other military organisations.

Our design facilities and construction methods allow for custom-designed solutions to provide support and protection to even the most delicate components and equipment.    

Maintaining Quality Assurance BS EN ISO 9001:2008 for Design and Manufacturing capabilities the company has worked with a number of specialist material suppliers and internal CAD systems to innovate designs to cope with modern military environments, whilst supplying hard wearing, durable and equipment. Defence supplier reference NCAGE U6620.

All Ministry of Defence work is produced to UK Specifications and Defence Standards.

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