Powder Coating & Wet Spray Finishing

Our Powder Coating and Wet Spray paint facilities provide professional finishing including masking, graphics, line marking, lacquering and stencil marking. We also undertake re-spray, renovation and refurbishment work.

Where finishing is required we spray a variety of metals, wood and plastics. All metal surfaces are degreased prior to processing, through our powder coat or wet spray plant.   

Powder Coating:

We Powder coat small components up to larger structural sections, our Combination oven allows for accurate control of temperature, based around a 6meter oven, housing an infra-red fluid section to gas follow on stoving section.

Maintaining a large variety of colours RAL numbers, British Standards and Specials, including Anti-Graffiti (non stick)  

Wet Spraying:

Whilst spraying to various Defence Standards (DEFSTAN) we also spray two pack paints with high buff primers and top coats.

DEFSTAN 80-208
DEFSTAN 80-122

Paint suppliers including:

Akzo Nobel Cromadex HMG Coating Beckers Plascoat

Bike finishing   Steel Wheels   Bike Re-spray

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